5 Reasons to Choose the Euroman Range of Fridges

Posted by Jono

Just Fridge is the manufacturer of the Euroman range of fridges. We have put a lot of ourselves into this proudly South African product to create refrigeration that is powerful, efficient and environmentally friendly.

a fully-stocked commercial refrigeratorThe Benefits of Euroman Commercial Fridges

For the consideration of any companies that make use of commercial refrigeration, this blog humbly presents five reasons why you should choose our Euroman range.

1. The Provide Quicker Cooling & Consistent Temperatures

Euroman fridges are built using our EMD™ technology, a temperature regulation system that supersedes any conventional thermostat. Your fridge will get cooler quicker when you switch it on, stay at the desired temperature for as long as you need, return to set temperatures more quickly after the door is opened, and save power.

2. They are the Greenest Fridges You’ll Find

With the EMD and efficient ECM fans, and our precisely engineered expansion valves and blower coils, we build fridges that are among the most environmentally friendly in the world.

3. They Save Power

Euroman fridges operate at very low energy costs, thanks to both the EMD temperature regulators and our Low E cabinet, which lower energy use by around 40% due to a combination of LED lighting, polyurethane insulation and low emissivity glass.


4. They Are Easy to Repair & Maintain

All Euroman fridges can be easily maintained and repaired. We always have access to the necessary parts and we have engineered the units in such a way that all components can be removed and replaced with minimum fuss. Our Swift Swop™ design makes it possible to replace the entire refrigeration deck without even having to unpack the fridge contents.

5 The are Made to Order

Finally, each and every unit is built to order. We build everything according to your requirements, tailoring your fridge to your space and function needs.

Chat to Just Fridge About Ordering or Maintaining Your Euroman Range

Contact us to learn more about Euroman fridges and how they can improve your food storage needs.

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20 years of quality

As we look forward to our 20th anniversary in 2017, we review the successes of the business and our road to becoming the most trusted company in our category.
Our innovative products and their reputation for reliability in harsh Southern African conditions are the cornerstone of our success. We thank all of our customers and our team of committed staff members for your unwavering support.


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Our vast customer base includes some of the most prestigious blue chip companies in South Africa, with a focus on leading beverage bottlers, top qualifying distributors and major corporates. These discerning buyers demand quality and JUST delivers!