5 Tips for Managing Display Fridge Safety

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Display fridges are great marketing tools. They serve function all while enticing customers to the tasty treats inside. They also require constant maintenance and training on the behalf of your employees to be in proper working order.

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Before we get into maintenance and managing tips, the first thing you will want to do is invest in a quality commercial refrigeration system. Old systems are far too inefficient in terms of energy use and tend to rack up high operating costs.

Once you have a quality commercial fridge, it is then time to follow these best commercial refrigeration safety practices, to ensure the health and safety of your customers:

Tips to Maintain Your Commercial Display Fridge

1. Check on the Seal

Check the seal of your display fridge regularly. You will notice if there is a leak or fault in the seal if you feel an excessive amount of cold air leaking through. If you do notice a leak, bring in a maintenance team to fix it.

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2. Keep Coils Clean

The coils must be kept professionally clean so that your unit can continue to extract warm air from the fridge. You can learn how to do this yourself or bring in a maintenance crew annually to have this done.

3. Maintain Optimal Temperatures

Keep your system at optimal temperatures to reduce energy costs and to preserve your food. This temperature is 2° to 4° C.

4. Keep It Full

Fridges have what is known as thermal mass. This means that an empty fridge takes more energy to cool that one that is full. Thermal mass is also important for averaging out the temperature within your fridge or freezer.

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5. Train Your Employees

Proper maintenance is key to prolonging the life of your unit and the life of your food. Train your employees properly and have them conduct health and safety checks on your refrigeration units so you know the moment an issue arises.

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Managing display fridge safety is critical for any business. You never want to give your customers food or drink that has been accidentally spoiled due to a fault with your fridge. Maintain it, save money, and provide better service.

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