Are Commercial Refrigerators Eco-Friendly?

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Are Commercial Refrigerators Eco-Friendly?

Commercial refrigerators have long since been a cause for concern when it comes to environmental impact. In the past, commercial refrigerators and their domestic counterparts made use of chemicals such as hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs), which acted as coolants in the refrigeration system. Unfortunately, it only came to light years later that HFCs and CFCs are extremely harmful to the environment. For reference, one ton of a widely used gas called R404a has the same effect on the environment as 3,900 tons of CO₂.

Since this revelation, the refrigeration industry has been reeling to come up with various different refrigerants and coolants that are less harmful, and more effective in application. Just Refrigeration are one such company, and we have optimised our commercial refrigerators so that they are measurably more eco-friendly than their predecessors.

By purchasing your commercial refrigerators from green providers, you are set to see savings in energy, cost, maintenance fees and much more! All of our commercial refrigerators are equipped with new and improved technologies that work to lower their energy consumption whilst simultaneously increasing their output.

The Just Refrigeration Difference

Our commercial refrigerators are equipped with EMD technology, which replaces a conventional thermostat with an advanced electronic energy management system. This system not only enables quicker cooling, but also more consistent temperatures and energy saving capabilities.

Just Refrigeration units combine EMD control, ECM fans, electronic expansion valves and high-performance coils in order to reduce energy consumption. These features significantly improve the commercial refrigeration output of our appliances, thus are extremely beneficial to our clients.

Ordinary recycling is not enough, remember that with all these substances, a refrigerator, when thrown in the garbage, releases up to 3.7 metric tons of CO₂ equivalent, which is the same amount emitted by a car that travels 17,500km. Be responsible. Go green. Our commercial refrigerators are eco-friendly. Are yours?

You, Too, Can Be Eco-Friendly

Just Fridge is commited to producing eco-friendly refrigeration solutions that benefit our users and the environment. Visit our Just Fridge blog for information and articles on eco-friendly and energy efficient products and services. Refrigeration is a critical component in designing and maintaining any commercial kitchen or supermarket. We have the expertise and experience to balance your refrigeration needs, with optimal green refrigeration solutions, so contact us today.

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