How to Avoid Mould in Your Commercial Refrigerators

Posted by Jono

Mould is something supermarkets and refrigerated goods retailers have been battling with since the dawn of refrigeration technology. Mould spores are dangerous in that they can affect people in different ways – from simple congestion and mild fever, to chest pains and lung infections. The last thing you want is a mould outbreak in your commercial refrigerators, so take these three preventative steps and keep your fridges mould-free for good…

Petra dish with mould insideLimit Temperature Fluctuations

Changes in temperature within your commercial refrigerators create the perfect environment for mould growth. As the temperature within the unit rises, the ideal mould reproduction temperature is reached and mould grabs hold. Once the temperature drops again, the mould ceases to reproduce, but can continue when temperatures rise once again.

By utilising a modern commercial refrigerator featuring a digital thermostat, temperature fluctuation becomes a thing of the past. Temperatures can be kept constant at all times, giving mould zero chance to spread and pose health risks to you and your valued patrons.

Reduce Moisture Where Possible

Reducing moisture in a commercial refrigerator might sound like a strange thing to attempt, but it could mean the difference between a mould-free fridge and one that is a danger to all who open its doors. Moist environments, like warm environments, are playgrounds for mould spores.

Check your commercial refrigerators for any small liquid spills or dripping products. This, when left untreated, can promote mould growth within the unit and might not be spotted for days or even weeks. In the case of liquid-containing items such as milk and fruit juice bottles, consider lifting each product on a weekly basis to check for leaks or liquid collection underneath and behind the stock.

Clean Thoroughly on a Regular Basis

There is a lack of consensus in the refrigeration world when it comes to how often one should clean commercial refrigerators. Some believe that once a week is necessary, which costs man hours as stock needs to be removed and repacked each time. Some believe cleaning once every six months is enough to prevent mould and bacteria growth.

In reality, you can successfully prevent bacteria and mould growth within your commercial refrigerators simply by cleaning them inside and out with household multi-purpose cleaner once every two months. For more information on how to keep mould at bay in your commercial refrigerators, see our article on HOW TO CLEAN YOUR COMMERCIAL REFRIGERATION UNITS.

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