Best Workplace Safety Practices for Walk-In Freezers

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At Just Refrigeration, we understand that walk-in freezers, like all good items of industrial machinery, are best used with the right combination of safety practices.

walk in freezer5 Vital Safety Practices for Commercial Refrigeration Management

No matter how good the equipment, things can sometimes go wrong, but any bad consequences can easily be offset or avoided, provided staff are following the correct procedures and good safety measures have been set in place. Keep reading the blog to discover five of the most important workplace safety practices for walk-in freezers.


2. Install Alarms for Trapped Workers

Just to be sure, however, it is worth having some kind of alarm system in place that workers can trigger if they do get stuck. Often, once you’re inside, you can’t be heard by your colleagues on the other side of the door. A simple siren that can be switched on from inside the freezer will prevent any mishap from turning into a disaster.

3. Be Careful Not to Overload

Shelves in walk-in freezers generally have limits as to how much can be loaded on them. It’s best to observe these guidelines. A collapsed shelf could easily lead to piles of inventory falling on a staff member and causing serious injury. It’s also a good idea not to have too many shelves to begin with. Rather keep them at a maximum of eye level, even if it is possible for them to go higher.

4. Observe High Standards of Cleanliness

Your freezers should be cleaned and kept neat on a constant basis. Clear away all frost, ice and spills that could cause staff members to slip and fall. Also clean shelves, doors, interior walls, seals and locks with a good detergent to remove any mould, which could cause health issues.

5. Keep Protective Wear on Hand

For people who have to spend a significant amount of time in a sub-zero environment, handling frozen goods, gloves and coats and other protective wear would, no doubt, be much appreciated. Staff can always bring their own, but it wouldn’t hurt to keep a few items of protective clothing near the freezer’s entrance.

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