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Best Workplace Safety Practices for Walk-In Freezers

At Just Refrigeration, we understand that walk-in freezers, like all good items of industrial machinery, are best used with the right combination of safety practices. 5 Vital Safety Practices for Commercial Refrigeration Management…

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Maintenance Tips for Increasing Fridge Longevity

Most commercial fridges are built to last. You can keep them running even longer with a few very simple maintenance practices. Fridge longevity is essentially a question of saving energy. Keep your fridge…

Types of Commercial Fridges & Their Uses

There are many reasons one may choose to buy a commercial refrigerator, from opening a new restaurant to upgrading a supermarket. Whatever your reasons, Just Fridge has just the fridge for you. In…

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Emerging Trends in Commercial Refrigeration Technology

Over the years, commercial refrigeration equipment has continued to diversify. This has led to the development of application-specific refrigerators such as display cases, walk-in coolers, ice machines, beverage machines etc. The equipment ranges…

5 Tips for Managing Display Fridge Safety

Display fridges are great marketing tools. They serve function all while enticing customers to the tasty treats inside. They also require constant maintenance and training on the behalf of your employees to be…

The Importance of Thermal Calibration for Your Commercial Fridge.
Thermal Calibration for Your Commercial Fridge

The Importance of Thermal Calibration for Your Commercial Fridge When it comes to commercial refrigeration, thermometers are your first line of defence in making sure they are functioning properly and holding its proper temperature….

Just Fridge recommends 5 ways to keep your establishment’s fridges smelling fresh.
Odour-Control Tips for Industrial Refrigerators

It’s not uncommon for industrial refrigerators to develop an unpleasant odour. Smells can develop naturally over time due to debris and spills, but bad smells often indicate that bacteria or mold has begun…

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20 years of quality

As we look forward to our 20th anniversary in 2017, we review the successes of the business and our road to becoming the most trusted company in our category.
Our innovative products and their reputation for reliability in harsh Southern African conditions are the cornerstone of our success. We thank all of our customers and our team of committed staff members for your unwavering support.


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our clients have discovered the JUST difference

Our vast customer base includes some of the most prestigious blue chip companies in South Africa, with a focus on leading beverage bottlers, top qualifying distributors and major corporates. These discerning buyers demand quality and JUST delivers!