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What to Consider When Buying Commercial Refrigeration

Dependable commercial refrigeration is arguably the backbone of any foodservice business. However, modern consumer retail trends reveal that most retail outlets can benefit from offering consumables (such as cold drinks) to patrons. There…

fridges that are energy efficient
Benefits of Energy Efficient Refrigerators

Commercial refrigeration has come a long way since the first supermarkets opened their doors to patrons. With the global shift of thought towards energy conservation and reduced carbon footprint generation of recent years,…

commercial refrigeration with food inside
Commercial Fridges Your Business Needs

Setting up a new retail store is stressful business! Whether you’re opening a general convenience store, restaurant, bistro, pub, butchery, or establishment that requires cold and/or warm storage facilities – you’ll need to…

supermarket fridge with fresh produce in it
Why Supermarkets Must Maintain Fridges

The history of refrigeration is truly astonishing, as the Chinese were cutting and successfully storing ice back in 1,000 B.C. We’ve come a long way since then, and supermarkets the world over line…

water splatter on fridge
Why is My Fridge Leaking Water?

No matter what type of commercial fridge you own – beverage cooler, underbar, domestic or supermarket fridge – you rely on this vital piece of equipment to keep beverages, fresh produce, meat and…

household fridge with groceries inside
Keeping Fridge Temperature Constant
A fridge is an essential appliance that removes heat and moisture and keeps perishable foods and beverages fresh and cold. Correct fridge temperatures also prevent the growth of harmful bacteria, which is essential...
commercial supermarket fridge with cool drinks in it
How to Keep Food Fresh for Longer

When it comes to fresh fruit, vegetables, meat, and poultry, food shoppers have high expectations. Supermarket owners and store managers need to ensure food safety and quality whilst preventing high food spoilage costs….

solid state fridges
Cooling Revolution? Introducing Solid State Refrigerators

Solid state refrigerators look set to replace typical units that rely on compressors, refrigerants and evaporators to run. In fact, they’re more environmentally friendly – using less energy, producing less noise pollution, and…

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20 years of quality

As we look forward to our 20th anniversary in 2017, we review the successes of the business and our road to becoming the most trusted company in our category.
Our innovative products and their reputation for reliability in harsh Southern African conditions are the cornerstone of our success. We thank all of our customers and our team of committed staff members for your unwavering support.


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our clients have discovered the JUST difference

Our vast customer base includes some of the most prestigious blue chip companies in South Africa, with a focus on leading beverage bottlers, top qualifying distributors and major corporates. These discerning buyers demand quality and JUST delivers!