Choosing the Ideal Display Fridge for Your Retail Business: A Buyer’s Guide

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A commercial display fridge helps you to position merchandise for maximum exposure, ensuring that your customers know exactly where to find what they need. Perhaps you may even want to use them near your “temptation aisle” so you can upsell drinks and food while your customers are walking to the check-out. Just Refrigeration explains what to look for in a good display fridge. There are many sizes and shapes to choose from.

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What To Look For In A Display Fridge

What are you planning to store in your display fridges? This is the most important question you should ask yourself as you make your selection. Display fridges are generally designed to carry a certain type of stock and appeal to a certain customer in a specific setting. Perhaps you need an upright display fridge, for example, a tall fridge used in a variety of contexts, from supermarkets and grocers to take-out restaurants.

If you are selling frozen goods, such as ice cream, ready-made meals or frozen vegetables, then you also need an upright display – a freezer in this case. There are also specialised fridges such as cake fridges, bar fridges and flower fridges.

Once you know what your fridge’s contents are going to be, consider the size and location of fridges. Whatever fridge you buy, you should also make energy efficiency an important criterion in your decision making.

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Just Refrigeration’s Display Fridges

Just Refrigeration has a broad array of display fridges for all kinds of purposes, from underbar beverage coolers to upright remote cabinets. Whatever your business may be, we have the fridge for your needs, and we will be happy to help you find the one that is most suitable.

Come To Just Refrigeration For Quality Commercial Refrigeration

Just Refrigeration specialises in the supply and maintenance of quality commercial refrigerators. Contact us for more information on commercial fridges and how to buy, use and maintain them.

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