How Commercial Refrigeration Units Become Damaged

Posted by Jono

Commercial refrigeration units are vital components of the retail industry, and when they become damaged or cease to operate effectively, it could cost a company substantial revenue due to lost stock. We’re looking at how fridges are damaged in this article, as well as pointers to prevent such damage in the future…

Faulty Door Seals

Commercial refrigeration doors need rubber seals (or gaskets) to ensure that no air is able to enter the refrigeration unit. The smallest of cracks in the rubber can form a leak, which releases the refrigerated air within and causes the refrigerator to work harder in order to maintain a constant temperature.

Not only does this gasket damage waste energy, but it allows for the growth of bacteria which could lead to food contamination. We recommend checking your commercial refrigeration units for seal damage once a month, and if you’re not sure what you should be looking for – give us a call and we’ll help you out!

Power Trips

What happens when the lights go out? Easy, it gets dark! Well, that’s not all that happens, unfortunately. When a supermarket loses power, so too do the establishment’s commercial refrigeration units. The bad news is that the loss and reinstatement of electrical power to fridges could cause damage to their compressors and other electronic components.

If you aren’t able to avoid the switching off and on again of your commercial refrigerators through the use of an alternative power source, we recommend you do the following when your power is cut: Immediately unplug your refrigerators from the wall sockets and leave them unplugged for around 15 minutes, even if the power only trips for a minute or two.

Ventilation Space

Just Refrigeration understands what the retail outlet environment is like. We have to in order to manufacture effective commercial refrigeration solutions that operate in the retail context. One issue that can arise from time to time is underventilation, which often leads to damage. This is because the refrigeration units overheat and electronic components end up malfunctioning within.

While commercial fridges are designed to be packed next to each other, be mindful of how much space you’re leaving where your units’ ventilation slots are situated. This will have a lot to do with your climatic context, as well as whether or not you have air conditioning.

Should your commercial refrigeration units have fallen victim to any of the above scenarios, feel free to contact Just Fridge for information on our refrigeration repair division.

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