Commercial Refrigeration Units to Choose and Why

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With all the stress attached to opening a new retail establishment branch, deciding on your cooling solutions shouldn’t be an added headache! Choosing the right commercial refrigeration units for your specific requirements is easy when utilising a reputable commercial refrigeration distributor – especially one that supplies commercial refrigeration units to the biggest names in the consumer retail industry. The best in the business choose only the best for their stores, so have a look at five common commercial refrigeration units to choose for your establishment – and why Just Refrigeration is simply better than the rest…

Sliding Door Beverage Coolers

The first commercial refrigeration units most retailers look at are their beverage coolers. These are used to display everything from cold drinks and dairy products, to meats and pre-cooked meals. Sliding door beverage coolers feature self-closing doors fitted with armour glass for safety, and front lighting allows for maximum brand exposure of the items stored within.

The JUST difference: Our commercial refrigeration units are emd equippedTM, a breakthrough technology that replaces conventional thermostats with an advanced electronic energy management system to cool quicker, maintaining a constant temperature while saving electricity.

Upright Freezers

Upright freezers are a staple in most retailers dealing in consumable products – from small corner tearooms to large corporates dealing in bulk. Upright freezers are better than their chest counterparts as they are able to store frozen goods at optimum temperature but still display them for maximum aesthetical appeal. Upright commercial freezers are ideal for storing bagged frozen food and boxed branded meat products, and feature convenient auto defrost capabilities.

The JUST difference: Get the green advantageTM with Just Refrigeration! We combine EMD control and ECM fans – along with high-performance coils and electronic expansion valves – to improve cooling and further reduce electricity consumption.

Serve-Over Units

Serve-over commercial refrigeration units are essentially a point of contact between your staff and your customers. The more appealing your units are, the more appealing your offerings will be. Serve-over refrigeration units are ideal for displaying fresh meats, fresh bakery items, deli products and warm pastries. Our serve-over units feature front and rear sliding glass for easy cleaning, and feature adjustable feet for optimum levelling.

The JUST difference: Our ground-breaking swift swopTM technology allows for easy replacement of the refrigeration deck without you having to unpack the entire contents of the unit – requiring no skilled labour.

Island Freezers

Island freezers are perfect for creating desired movement flow through your establishment, and are ideal for the storage and display of boxed and unboxed frozen foods. Our commercial island freezers come with either solid or glass sides – for improved aesthetical appeal – and feature a stainless steel bumper rail to prevent damage by trolley. Night curtains are included to cover the top of the units and prevent loss of cooling which further reduces energy consumption.

The JUST difference: Our commercial refrigeration units feature a combination of LED lighting, low emissivity glass, and polyurethane insulation – using around 40% less energy than conventional refrigeration units.

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