Commercial Refrigerator Mistakes You’re Making

Posted by Jono

Commercial refrigerators are an important asset in industry, and can make or break your business depending on how they are maintained. To help you take the best possible care of your commercial fridges, we at Just Fridge have put together this list of commercial refrigerator mistakes that you might be making, and how to stop hurting your units.

Dairy Products in Commercial Refrigerator1. Not Repairing Faulty Gaskets

Gaskets are also known as seals, and refer to the rubber, plastic or vinyl material that wraps around the edge of the refrigerator door and allow the unit to seal closed. The gaskets are designed to be airtight and thus keep the cooled air inside the unit. Damaged or dirtied gaskets can seriously impede the efficiency of your commercial refrigerators.
To rectify this issue, you should keep your gaskets clean at all times and replace them promptly if they become damaged over time. An airtight seal is important to keep your fridge working at optimum level, without overworking and sapping up energy.

2. Allowing Clutter to Build Up

You might wonder how a cluttered area around your commercial refrigerator could impact its performance, but it is a more serious issue than you might expect. A refrigerator requires adequate circulation around the unit to continue working at maximum efficiency. Clutter around the unit can restrict airflow and cause the refrigerator to overheat and thus overwork. For optimum energy efficiency, leave a few inches of breathing room around all sides of your commercial refrigerator.

3. Not Having Night Curtains

Night curtains can be placed over commercial refrigerators to improve their efficiency and prevent cooled air from escaping to the surroundings. Night curtains are pulled over the display of the refrigerator (such as in supermarket fridges) at the end of the day, and thus conserve energy overnight when not in use by customers or staff.

Fridge night curtains are excellent for reducing the workload of your refrigerator overnight and thus reducing your electricity bill! Your maintenance expenses will likely come down as well, due to your commercial refrigerator putting in minimal effort for maximum result. The burden on your fridges compressor and coils will be significantly reduced and thus the lifespan of your commercial refrigerator and thus your products within, is extended.

4. Failing to Keep Your Refrigerator Clean

Regular cleaning of your refrigerator is imperative to ensure proper airflow and heat transfer within the complex refrigeration system. The coils, fans and compressor should be carefully cleaned in line with your refrigerator’s instruction manual, to remove any build-up and allow them to function properly. Dust and debris can interrupt your refrigeration system and cause it to overwork dramatically.

5. Not Using Just Fridge

The biggest mistake you may be making is not using Just Fridge’s energy conscious, high tech commercial refrigerators which are designed to deliver optimum results, for years and years to come. You can have a look at our product catalogue to see which commercial refrigerators suit your application. Contact us to discuss your refrigeration requirements and how we can help you.

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