Displaying Freshness: Merchandising Strategies for Grocery Store Fridges

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Your commercial fridges are not just there to keep your food and drinks cold. They are an integral part of your promotions and merchandising. Just Refrigeration provides three essential tips to help you make the most of your supermarket fridges as marketing tools.

Tips for Effective Supermarket Fridge Merchandising

The success of your grocery store depends on your ability to grab shoppers’ attention and direct them to the right places to get the items they want, as well as subtly upselling wherever possible. Your supermarket refrigeration, just like every other piece of shelving or equipment in your store, is there to aid your marketing and drive sales. Here are three things you should keep in mind if you want to leverage your commercial fridges more effectively.

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1. Place Your Fridges Strategically

Your customers enter your store with specific items in mind, which means that they will systematically make their way to the places where they think their chosen items are being kept.

Successful retailers place their fridges strategically after doing a little research on customer preferences and movements. It could be that your frozen goods should be close to the entrance, next to the fresh produce, or several aisles along. It depends on what works in your store.

Once you have placed your fridges, remember to place highlighted items within easy reach and supplement your display fridges with attention-grabbing signage.

You should also strategise the placement of drinks fridges for impulse purchases – perhaps near the checkout or entrance.

2. Use Different Fridges in Different Places

You will want several different shapes and sizes of fridge in your store, so you need to find creative ways to use and place these fridges effectively. For example, you may have a row of large, double-door units for your frozen goods. You could then consider placing some countertop units nearby so you can put promotional items on special display at eye level. The countertop fridge interrupts the pattern and draws attention to whatever it is you want to promote.

3. Let Technology Help You

Strategic placement is only half the process. Once shoppers get to your carefully placed fridges, enhance their experience. Make it easy for them to see and reach their items. Fridges fitted with LED bulbs, for instance allow for an even output of light and minimizes distracting glares. They facilitate an accurate, richly contrasted colour display, which will draw shoppers and make their items easily visible.

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