Do My Refrigerators Need Night Curtains?

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Any industry that relies on commercial refrigeration systems to deliver its products or services understands that the optimum performance of your refrigeration units is paramount to the success of the business. Fridge night curtains have been developed to extend the life and increase the effectivity of your commercial refrigeration systems. Just Refrigeration has created a need-to-know post below, to help you understand the benefits and results of fridge night curtains…

What Are Night Curtains?

Fridge night curtains are specially designed coverings for your commercial refrigeration units that aid their performance and longevity. As the name suggests, these coverings are put over the exposed glass surfaces of the commercial refrigeration unit during the night, or whenever the business is closed.

What Are The Benefits?

By installing or using fridge night curtains, the cost of running your business is significantly reduced. As mentioned, the fridge night curtains cover the glass surfaces of your commercial refrigeration units which is where a lot of cool air is lost to the surrounding environment. Fridge night curtains reduce the effort your refrigerator makes to keep itself cold. This reduces your electricity bill, as your fridge is not working so hard all the time.
Your maintenance expenses will also come down! Before night curtains, your refrigerator had to work twice as hard to remain cool at all times. After installing night curtains, that burden on your fridge’s compressors is reduced. Furthermore, the integrity of your products is improved by the steady, sustainable refrigeration.

How Soon Will I See Results?

Fridge night curtains effectively ‘pay for themselves’. By increasing the energy efficiency of your commercial refrigeration units and lowering your operating costs, your business saves a great deal more money in the long term than fridge night curtains cost in the short term. Depending on your hours of operation and your expenditure on electricity, you can expect your fridge night curtains to have paid themselves off in approximately one year. There is no rule of thumb for this, but you will find your monthly savings on energy quickly adding up and surpassing the cost of the curtains!

Where Can I Get Night Curtains?

Of course, you needn’t look further than Just Refrigeration for your fridge night curtains! With twenty years of experience delivering effective commercial refrigeration solutions, we are committed to delivering units that are environmentally sensitive and customised to our clients’ needs.
Many of our units can be purchased with an optional extra of night curtains. As discussed, night curtains are an incredible investment for your refrigeration-reliant business, whose benefits return that investment again and again as they are used. If you would like to know more about how we can help you find the best commercial refrigeration units or fridge night curtains for your business, click here.

If energy saving, reduced maintenance costs and extended life for your products and your refrigeration system sounds good to you, Just Refrigeration can assist you in fulfilling your dreams, whilst being kinder the planet in the process. Our SABS-approved production facility and products are best suited to bolstering your business.

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