Emerging Trends in Commercial Refrigeration Technology

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Over the years, commercial refrigeration equipment has continued to diversify. This has led to the development of application-specific refrigerators such as display cases, walk-in coolers, ice machines, beverage machines etc. The equipment ranges from vending machines, reach-in coolers and liquid chillers to cryogenic refrigeration. Refrigeration is used in all stages of food production, from food processing to distribution, retail and final consumption in the home.

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New Refrigeration Technology that’s Gathering Momentum

In these processes, mechanical refrigeration technologies are invariably employed, which contribute significantly to the environmental impacts of the food sector both through direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions. To reduce these emissions, research and development worldwide are aimed at both improving the performance of conventional systems and the development of new refrigeration technologies of potentially much lower environmental impact. This Just Fridge blog looks at the emerging trends in commercial refrigeration technology.

Sorption refrigeration – adsorption systems

Sorption refrigeration technologies such as absorption and/or adsorption are thermally driven systems, in which the conventional mechanical compressor of the common vapour compression cycle is replaced by a ‘thermal compressor’ and a sorbent.

Ejector refrigeration systems

Ejector or jet pump refrigeration is a thermally driven technology that has been used for cooling applications for many years. Their greatest advantage is their capability to produce refrigeration using waste heat or solar energy as a heat source at temperatures above 80°C

Air cycle refrigeration

Air cycle systems can produce low temperatures for refrigeration by subjecting the gaseous refrigerant (air) to a sequence of processes comprising compression, followed by constant pressure cooling, and then expansion to the original pressure to achieve a final temperature lower than at the start of compression.


Tri-generation technology is a technology that can simultaneously provide three forms of output energy: electrical power, heating and cooling. In essence, trigeneration systems are CHP (Combined Heat and Power) or co-generation systems, integrated with a thermally driven refrigeration system to provide cooling as well as electrical power and heating.

Stirling cycle refrigeration

The Stirling cycle cooler is a closed-cycle regenerative thermal machine in which gas is shuttled backwards and forwards between the hot end and cold end spaces of the system by a piston and a displacer, so that the temperature of the system during compression is, on average, higher than during expansion. The heat generated in the cycle is rejected through a heat exchanger at the hot end and heat is absorbed from the space to be cooled via a heat exchanger at the cold end.

Thermoelectric refrigeration

Thermoelectric cooling devices utilise the Peltier effect, whereby the passage of a direct electric current through the junction of two dissimilar conducting materials causes the junction either to cool down (absorbing heat) or warm up (rejecting heat), depending on the direction of the current.

Thermoacoustic refrigeration

Thermoacoustic refrigeration systems operate by using sound waves and a non-flammable mixture of inert gas (helium, argon, air) in a resonator to produce cooling.

Magnetic refrigeration

A magnetic refrigeration cycle employs a solid-state magnetic material as the working refrigerant, and exploits the magnetocaloric effect, the ability of a material to warm-up in the presence of a magnetic field and cool down when the field is removed.

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