Energy-Efficient Cooling: The Green Advantage of Just Fridge

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For many years, refrigeration was a matter for serious concern for environmentalists. A lack of energy efficiency and the use of refrigeration gases that destroyed the ozone layer, made refrigeration an essential but expensive and potentially harmful technology. However, times have changed. There is no longer any need to overuse energy, or to pollute the world while keeping food and drinks cold and fresh. Just Refrigeration looks at how far green refrigeration has come – and how we have led the way when it comes to going green with refrigeration technology in South Africa.Just Refrigeration - Energy-efficient Fridges cooling – the green advantage

Improving Energy Efficiency In Commercial Refrigeration

While there is much that commercial fridge owners can do to maximise energy efficiency in their fridges, it is really down to the developers of refrigeration technology to develop products that reduce carbon emissions and run with maximum efficiency so as to reduce energy consumption. This requires a holistic approach to fridge design that incorporates the following: smart thermostats that make cooling faster and more accurate; the reduction of energy consumption through careful planning and fitting of fans, expansion valves and coils; and well-insulated cabinets that prevent the unnecessary loss of energy. The use of refrigerants that are natural and environmentally friendly is also essential. These include NH3, carbon dioxide and above all, R290.

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Just Refrigeration’s Green Advantage™

Just Refrigeration’s patented fridge technology meets all of these criteria and more. We have partnered with leading component manufacturers to create commercial refrigeration that is among the best in its class anywhere in the world. Our production has grown ever more efficient, and our efforts to reduce the power consumption of our products. Effectively, we have hugely reduced our carbon footprint, and we pass the savings and increased efficiency on to our customers.

Our Green Advantage™ system works by combining state-of-the-art EMD control with ECM fans, electronic expansion valves and high-performance coils to reduce energy consumption. In addition, our EMD Equipped™ cooling technology replaces conventional thermostats with an advanced electronic energy management system, which cools the fridge quicker, and maintains a consistent temperature. Our Low E™ cabinets use a combination of LED lighting, polyurethane insulation and low-emissivity glass to yield impressive power savings. The overall result is a highly efficient, cost-saving commercial refrigeration design that keeps energy expenses low and drastically reduces each fridge’s impact on the environment.

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