Food Service Trends: How Commercial Fridges Adapt to Changing Culinary Needs

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Commercial refrigeration helps to provide quality products across several industries. The market for this technology only appears to be growing globally, and designers and manufacturers are having to keep up, not only with demand, but with a number of key trends across the industries to which they cater. Just Refrigeration looks at some important trends, and explains how they affect the development of commercial refrigeration technology.

Just Refrigeration discuss food service trendsHow Commercial Fridges Develop And Adapt

No industry remains stationary for long. It has to adapt constantly to the changing needs of its market. Commercial refrigeration is currently following several key trends, which affect the way that fridges are designed, built and used. These include:

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In a world that always wants more speed and convenience, fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) are always increasing in demand. Consumers want fast, accessible, easy-to-use products such as pre-packaged, ready-to-eat foods, which means that commercial refrigeration designed needs to follow suit. Fridge design this focuses on access, visibility and space optimisation.

New Refrigerants

Although the industry has largely moved far beyond the kinds of refrigerants that became notorious for their contribution to ozone depletion, such as CFC and HFC, the search for ever more efficient and eco-friendly refrigerants continues. These sustainable options are becoming ubiquitous for fridge suppliers, and even the current standards are likely to be replaced by even better ones at some stage in the future.

Constant Improvements In Energy Efficiency

Closely linked to the need for eco-friendly refrigerants is the requirement for fridges to use energy ever more efficiently. There are two reasons for this. Firstly, lower energy usage means that businesses can reduce their bills and run their fridges more cost-effectively. Secondly, lower energy usage means even further reduction of a business’s environmental impact. Energy efficiency also helps to lower a business’s overheads and reduce food spoilage. For businesses that may need to expand their cold storage provisions by adding larger fridges or increasing the number of fridges they have, energy efficiency is non-negotiable if costs are to be managed and profits are to be boosted.

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