Four Benefits of LED Lighting in Commercial Refrigeration

Posted by Jono

It’s no secret that there is a global movement towards energy efficiency in the commercial refrigeration industry, and the positive effects of this move can be seen in this Benefits of Energy Efficient Refrigerators article. Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) have made their way into most commercial industries from their early application as indicator lamps on electronic devices, replacing luminous bulbs as a more energy efficient lighting option. LED lighting is applied to commercial refrigeration in the form of LED strips running vertically on the inside of commercial refrigerators – offering better lamination, reduced energy consumption, and increased product appeal to name a few. Below are Just Refrigeration’s four benefits of LED lighting in commercial refrigeration solutions…

LED Lighting Saves Electricity

LED lighting is able to produce the same amount of lighting (if not better lighting) than its outdated filament-based predecessor. Lighting is everything in the commercial supermarket industry, and is also one of a supermarket’s biggest expenses. Installing energy efficient commercial refrigeration solutions can save a supermarket owner at least 38% of his total energy costs, which means that commercial refrigeration featuring LED lighting saves energy by drawing less current from the power grid, as well as saving you money on electricity bills!

Improve Product Appearance with LED Lighting

One serious benefit of LED lighting in commercial refrigeration is that the uniform white light makes the produce contained within the refrigerator look more appealing. The branding on products are vibrant, meat and fresh produce looks fresher, and the general appearance of the refrigeration unit is improved. This builds customer confidence in your brand, and the brands you stock, while harbouring an overall pleasant shopping environment in your establishment. As an added benefit, LED lighting emits less heat than traditional bulbs, keeping the insides of commercial refrigerators cooler and preventing the internal cooling mechanism from having to work overtime to maintain a constant temperature.

LED-Lit Refrigerators are Environmentally Friendly

LED commercial refrigeration lighting systems contain no hazardous materials such as mercury, and last much longer than traditional refrigerator lighting mechanisms that utilise the harmful liquid. This means that refrigerators with LED lighting will take much longer to end up in a landfill, and when they do get thrown out, you can rest assured that no hazardous materials will be seeping from the inner workings and into the soil. Installing eco-friendly refrigeration solutions is great for business, as more and more South Africans are spending their money with companies that deem sustainability a top priority. LED usage in commercial refrigeration is a positive ethical choice that adds to your organisation’s ‘green’ status, and diminishes your carbon footprint.

LED Refrigerator Lighting Reduces Maintenance Costs

Other than saving you money on electricity bills, commercial refrigeration featuring LED lighting will save you money on maintenance costs! With the previous filament lighting system, bulbs were constantly being replaced as they were large enough to affect, when dead, the overall lighting produced within the refrigeration unit. Supermarkets are always busy, and the last thing you want is for a maintenance person to be working on a unit that customers are trying to peruse. LEDs, on the other hand, will shine brightly for at least 50,000 hours – then slowly begin to dim until giving out. Because of their small size, should a single LED die, there will be zero noticeable difference in the lighting levels of the refrigeration unit – allowing you to delay maintenance until a convenient time for you.

Take the first step towards reduced utility bills and a smaller carbon footprint by getting in touch with Just Refrigeration for a quote on eco-friendly commercial refrigeration solutions to fit your budget!

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