From Farm to Fork: How Commercial Fridges Ensure Freshness in the Supply Chain

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Most foods start to perish almost from the very moment they are produced. Meats and dairy products, in particular, have a very short window of edibility. For this reason, it must kept fresh and its natural process of spoilage must be arrested throughout the supply chain. This is the purpose of commercial refrigeration. Just Refrigeration explains how fridges and freezers help to keep food fresh throughout the supply chain.

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Commercial Refrigeration In The Supply Chain

With highly perishable foods, commercial refrigeration is present right from the source. On dairy farms, for example, milk is carefully stored in fridges or cold rooms as soon as it is taken from the cows. When the time comes for distribution, it is loaded onto trucks that are specially equipped with cold storage equipment. Then, at both the wholesale and retail level, the product, which is ready for sale and consumption, must be carefully kept in quality refrigerators that maintain them at the proper temperatures. The entire food supply chain is essentially a process of moving food from one refrigerator to another. Without these cold storage facilities at every key node in the process, there would significantly more food wastage, and food supplies and logistics would be much more expensive.

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Extending Food’s Shelf Life Through Superior Technology

The key to effective cooling throughout the supply chain is efficient, sustainable refrigeration technology. Fridges and freezers must be able to handle 24/7 usage, and constant opening, closing, loading, unloading, and even transit where applicable. This depends on cutting-edge technology designed to maintain temperatures, withstand constant usage and reduce energy usage. Just Refrigeration has developed innovative technology for this exact purpose. We supply all kinds of refrigerators and freezers to businesses at every stage of the food supply chain.

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