Help Your Commercial Refrigerator this Summer

Posted by Jono

The days are getting hotter and refrigeration systems need to work harder to stay cool. Refrigerators and cold rooms consume a lot of energy, but if you adopt these helpful tips your fridges will run more efficiently this summer. It’s possible to get 20% energy savings by getting regular maintenance. Proper air conditioning and refrigeration maintenance in warmer months is crucial. Make sure you make it through the summer with these helpful summer refrigeration equipment tips.

Preventative Maintenance

The best way to ensure your refrigeration system is prepared for the hot summer months is through proper preventative maintenance. This maintenance includes checking the system’s temperature readings inside the refrigeration unit and inspecting the discharge, liquid and suction lines in the condensing unit. Preventative maintenance should also include checking refrigerant levels, verifying the thermostats and pressure controls, cleaning and lubricating the motors, and cleaning the coils and drain pans. Keep refrigeration systems clean and well maintained to prevent inefficient operation and breakdowns.

Commercial Refrigerator Location

Make sure your commercial refrigerator is located away from exterior walls and windows. These walls and windows can let in heat, which can impact the efficiency of your refrigeration and potentially make it break down quicker. Make sure the front and the rear of your refrigeration unit is clear of obstructions and use ventilation standoffs. Refrigerators work best in cool positions with plenty of air circulation. Your fridge is not a shelf, so don’t stack boxes on it, as this blocks air circulation. Your fridge will use less energy if you keep it away from heat and also place it where the heat it generates can easily dissipate.

Replace Door Seals

The constant opening of your fridge causes your door seals to perish, so they let the cold air out. If your fridge door seal isn’t sealing properly, then the cold air is escaping. So now your fridge is working much harder, consuming more power to keep your produce at the right temperature. If your fridge door does not shut properly because of a damaged gasket, then you can increase your running cost by 25 to 50 percent.

Keep Your Fridge Door Closed

Every time you open your fridge door the cool air escapes and your fridge has to extract the heat from the warm air that has just entered it. The biggest offender for temperature loss in commercial refrigerators is leaving the fridge door open, and it wastes considerable energy. If your fridge has more than one door, only open the one you need to access.

Don’t Put Hot Foods in Your Fridge

Make sure your hot food has cooled to room temperature before you put it in the fridge. If you put it in your fridge before, it has to work overtime to bring the heat down, so you’re using additional power. By using your fridge for cooling of hot food, you also put your other stored food at risk as the overall temperature rises and bacteria are attracted to the warmth and moisture.

Don’t Turn Off Fridges Overnight

There has been much debate on the merits of setting a timer to turn off your non-perishable drink’s fridges. Turning your fridge off overnight won’t save you any electricity. Because as soon as you turn the fridge back on, it will have to run for a longer time to get the temperature back down to normal. Once your fridge reaches the selected temperature, it does not require as much power to keep your compressor running.

There’s nothing worse in summer than your fridge breaking down because you neglected something small and simple. Just Fridge has more handy tips on our blog and you can contact us to cool down your supermarket refrigeration needs this season.

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