How Are Commercial Refrigerators Different from Residential Refrigerators?

Posted by Jono

To the uninitiated, a commercial refrigerator may appear no different to a residential refrigerator, but their differences are tailored to industry specifics that many may not take into account when casting their judgement. That said, the important differences between commercial refrigerators and their residential counterparts are what dictate their roles and capabilities within the industry. Today, Just Fridge is going to illustrate the difference between residential and commercial refrigerators…

Commercial Refrigerators Have a Different Role

Of course, the most significant difference between residential and commercial refrigerators is the role they play within the refrigeration industry and the niche that they occupy. Residential fridges are designed to refrigerate the food for consumption by an average family, whilst commercial refrigerators are designed to meet the needs of businesses, such as restaurants.

Commercial Refrigerators are More Powerful

Considering their differing roles within the refrigeration industry, residential and commercial refrigerators are designed with varying capabilities to suit their function. Of course, both types of fridge are primarily tasked with keeping perishable items cold and fresh, but commercial refrigerators are much more powerful than residential fridges. The compressors and fans built into commercial fridges are very powerful and incredibly consistent in order to keep up with frequent opening and closing, as is expected in a supermarket environment.

Size Difference Between Refrigerators

An obvious difference between residential and commercial refrigerators is their capacity – that is, the amount of food or perishable product there are designed to hold and keep consistently cool. Residential fridges are designed to meet the needs of the average household, containing roughly a month’s worth of food for a family’s consumption. Further, they have more compartments and drawers than commercial fridges so that a household can sort and organise their produce to their liking. Conversely, commercial refrigerators are designed to be much larger to meet the demands of many different industries – a restaurant will need to store a much larger amount of food products than the average household.

Differences in Outward Appearance

On a superficial level, these two types of fridges differ in appearance as well. You may notice that most commercial refrigerators such as in restaurants and butcheries and the like are similar in appearance – plain stainless-steel finishes and a basic rectangular shape without much adornment. Contrasted to this, residential fridges come in an array of shapes, sizes, designs and capabilities to suit a multitude of preferences. Where residential fridges are integrated into a person’s interior design, commercial refrigerators are merely utilitarian appliances.

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