How Clean is your Commercial Freezer?

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If you are involved in the food retail sector and chill or freeze food products in commercial refrigeration or freezer units, it’s important to keep the equipment clean, safe and hygienic. How clean is your commercial freezer? The regular cleaning of freezers in a supermarket environment is not just about how clean your customers perceive your store to be. It’s about food safety and ensuring the freezer runs optimally. Let’s have a look at why it’s so important to clean your commercial freezer….

How to clean your commercial fridge

Safety standards

Whether you use deli freezers, walk-in freezers or even an island freezer, if you neglect to regularly clean the equipment, this could cause the spread of hazardous bacteria in your frozen food products. Why should this matter? Food retailers have a responsibility to sell food products in line with food and safety standards, giving customers peace of mind.

Maintain the perfect temperature

Did you know that unsafe temperatures in refrigeration units are one of the main reasons food products spoil? This can affect a store’s profits and reputation. Cleaning your commercial freezer is one of the best ways to prevent the inner parts from becoming clogged with dirt and grime, helping your freezer to run efficiently and keep food products preserved at the perfect temperature.

Extend your freezer’s life

Your commercial freezer is an investment and will last many years with proper care and maintenance. When cleaning your freezer you may even spot potential problems well before they occur.

Keeping it clean

Cleaning your freezer routinely doesn’t have to be a major task. Do remember to unplug your freezer when cleaning inside! A mild soap detergent is preferable for doors, lights, seals, and shelves as harsh chemicals can damage metal surfaces and leave the inside of the freezer smelling of chemicals. Other sensitive components such as condenser coils, fan blades, air return vents, and the motor require minimal water when cleaning and will prevent the build-up of grime and possible blockages.

  • Fan blades and motor: Wipe with a clean, soft cloth
  • The Condensing unit can be cleaned with a small vacuum cleaner or a brush roughly once a month
  • Evaporator coils: Clean once a month with a mild soap detergent or brush
  • Air return vents create air flow into the freezer unit. Clean these with a mild detergent and check for blockages every 4-6 months
  • Drain lines: Check these for blockages at least once a year
  • Door gaskets can be wiped down with soapy water to prevent doors from not sealing properly when closed.

The results?

Regular cleaning and maintenance of your commercial freezer can save you the hassle of break downs and costly repairs. If your commercial freezer or other refrigeration equipment is in need of a service and clean, don’t stress! Just Fridge has a dedicated Spares/Warranties/Servicing department ready to assist you.

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