How NOT to Stock Your Commercial Fridge

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While commercial fridges are powerful appliances with the ability to keep large quantities and all kinds of foods fresh and cold, their effectiveness depends on a number of factors. Just Fridge believes that regular maintenance is one of them but another important one is the way you pack your fridges.

commercial fridges stocked with frozen foodCommercial Refrigerator Stocking Mistakes to Avoid

If you want to make the most of your fridges, you shouldn’t pack them haphazardly. There is a right and wrong way to stock them and if you want to avoid the wrong way, keep reading the blog to discover what you need to stop doing.

1. Putting any Food on the Floor of the Fridge

Moisture and dirt tend to collect over time on the floor of your fridge. Any food left there is at risk of contamination.

2. Cramming In as Much as You Can

You need to leave reasonable amounts of space between items so that cold air can circulate. Leaving a gap of a centimetre or two between items will make for greater energy efficiency and better cooling. This also means that you should never fill a refrigerator. Always avoid overstocking.


3. Storing Meat on Upper Shelves

Raw meats usually come with blood and other fluids, which could potentially spill. If meats are stored on the upper shelves, any spillage could end up on foodstuffs placed underneath them. These organic materials are often breeding grounds for bacteria, which could contaminate your fridge and cause serious health problems. Rather put meat near the bottom of the fridge where spills will cause less harm.

4. Storing Fruit & Vegetables on Lower Shelves or Near Fans

Fruit and vegetables are delicate items. Aside from the fact that you shouldn’t store them for too long, you should also keep them near the top of the fridge where other items can’t leak or spill on them, or otherwise contaminate them. Also keep them away from the fridge fans, which can easily damage them.

Just Fridge is the Trusted Name in Commercial Fridge Sales & Maintenance

Steer clear of these mistakes, as well as maintaining your fridges correctly, and you are sure to get the most out of your commercial fridge and keep your stock fresh for longer. Contact us for all you need to know about commercial fridges.

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