How to Identify & Prevent Freezer-Burn in Foodstuffs

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Freezer-burn happens to the best of us, but it can still be a pain. Freezing food items allows us the opportunity to store food over a long period of time; however, if incorrectly packaged, freezer burn can ruin the texture and delicious taste of your food. Knowing how to identify and prevent freezer-burn can save you money and time, and ensure you churn out top-quality food every time.

proper-refrigeration-saves-you-the-trouble-of-preventing-identifying-freezer-burnEverything You Need to Know About Freezer-Burn

Here is a crash-course on everything you need to know about freezer-burn:

How to Identify Freezer Burn

There are several ways to identify freezer burns on your food. After taking an item out of your freezer, check for a layer of crystalized ice, areas that are dry or wrinkled or any discolouration. The colour of freezer burned food varies depending on what it is; meat will take on a slightly grey colour, whilst poultry will be more of a white.

Is it Safe to Eat?

Freezer burn is caused by food that has been damaged by dehydration due to exposure to air. Once you have identified freezer-burn on your food, scrape and cut-off the affected area. If the item has been in the freezer for the recommended time or less, it should be fine to eat, the only downside is that it will not be at it’s best.

When you find that your meat is slightly discoloured, it is normal to be concerned about whether it is safe to eat; however, as long as it is within the recommended time that it is allowed to be frozen, it should be fine.

How to Prevent Freezer-Burn

The best thing you can do to prevent freezer burn is to wrap up your food, as air coming into contact with food causes freezer-burn. You can use plastic bags or containers; if you choose to use plastic bags then remember to ensure that as much air as possible is out of the bag. Get yourself some Ziplock bags, different sized plastic Tupperware and save plastic grocery bags,

If you are freezing leftovers or homemade freezer-meals, ensure that you let them cool to room temperature before placing them in the freezer. The opposite is required for ice-cream; do not let ice-cream get to room temperature, as that is what causes crystalized ice on the surface.

One of the easiest ways to prevent freezer-burn is to minimize the amount of time your freezer spends open; an open freezer results in warm air interacting with your foods, so you should make a conscious effort to open and close your freezer as fast as possible, minimizing the amount of air entering the freezer.

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