How to Make Your Supermarket Eco-Friendly

Posted by Jono

Do you own or work in a branch of supermarkets, and want to do your bit towards eco-friendly commercialism? Lucky for you, there are a number of changes you can make to your commercial refrigeration setup to reduce your energy consumption, and even save a couple bucks in the process…

Consider New and Improved Commercial Refrigerators

First things first, it may be time to upgrade your existing supermarket fridges. Old and outdated commercial refrigerators, like all old tech, is bound to eat up more energy and produce less results. To increase the efficiency of your commercial refrigeration right off the bat, start by purchasing some new commercial refrigerators, built with eco-friendly technology and the latest advancements in commercial cooling.

h2> Make the Move to EMD Equipped

Commercial refrigerators equipped with advanced electronic energy management systems are able to yield quicker and more reliable cooling results. Consistent temperatures in commercial fridges is paramount to keeping produce at its freshest, for longer periods of time, thus maximising your stock investment.

ECM Fans for the Win

When you combine winning EMD controls with improved ECM fans, electronic expansion valves and high-performance coils, you can achieve greater energy reduction than ever before! All critical moving parts in a commercial refrigerator contribute to energy savings. One faulty or poorly made part is all it takes to create an energy leak that can cost you, and the planet, dearly.

Low Emissivity Solutions

It is vital to include new and improved insulation and emissivity solutions in your eco-friendly refrigeration plan. Low emissivity glass can yield power savings of 40% lower than conventional refrigeration units, simply by keeping the cooled air where it belongs. Polyurethane insulation further protects your unit from high ambient temperatures and traps the refrigerated air within the unit.
Without proper insulation, the unit loses cold to its surroundings and you are essentially paying a high energy bill to poorly air-condition your supermarket, whilst your produce wilts and rots. Don’t make the mistake.

Night Curtains for Additional Protection

Night curtains are the secret weapon of the commercial refrigeration world. They are fit over open and even closed refrigeration units to further insulate your produce and reduce energy consumption during closed hours. With open supermarket units, some cool air is inevitably lost to the environment, but this doesn’t have to continue overnight.

Contact us to upgrade your supermarket today, and take a big step towards energy conscious solutions in the commercial sector.

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