How to Pack a Commercial Refrigerator: Best Practices

Posted by Jono

When it comes to effective commercial refrigeration, it is wise to organise your fridges in line with existing industry best practices. By organising your commercial refrigerator according to our guidelines below, you can increase the effectivity and energy efficiency of your refrigerator, as well as better protect the integrity of your produce and perishable goods. Take a look at Just Fridges’ tips on how to pack a commercial refrigerator below…

Store Meat on Lower Shelves

This tip is important for the cleanliness and safety of your refrigerator and its contents. We highly recommend that you store your meat products, particularly raw meat, on the lower shelves of your refrigerator. Meat products are most likely to generate excess juices and potentially spill whilst in storage, and this presents a problem because uncooked meat is likely to contaminate your other produce. The bacteria in raw meat is often harmful, therefore spills can cost you dearly.

To prevent cross-contamination, place your meat products on the lowest shelves of your fridge. Any spills will collect directly on the refrigerator floor which can be easily cleaned.

Store Fruit and Vegetables Away from Fans

It should go without saying that the fans in commercial refrigerators and commercial freezers are a lot stronger than those found in domestic fridges. These fans – although vital to effective cooling – can have some unexpected negative effects. Delicate produce such as fresh greens, fruits and most vegetables can be susceptible to damage from the powerful fans, and possibly from freezer burn as well. Your fresh produce must remain fresh and intact so that you can provide a safe, tasteful service to your clients.

Keep Produce Off the Refrigerator Floor

Do not underestimate the dangers of storing foodstuffs on the floor of your commercial refrigerators! The floor of your refrigerator is where all spills and excess moisture will collect, meaning any food stored there will be contaminated and susceptible to decay and infestation. Due to its low position, dirt and debris from the floor of your establishment can be kicked into the fridge when opened, further contaminating your products.

To protect the integrity and safety of your foodstuff, invest in adequate shelving for your fridge or acquire an additional commercial refrigerator so that none of your products have to be on the floor.

Ensure Appropriate Space Between Products

Lastly, it is incredibly important to ensure that your commercial refrigerator is packed with adequate space in between the products. This simple tip can have numerous positive effects for you and your produce if followed vigilantly. In order for cool air to circulate properly within your refrigerator, leave a couple centimetres in between each product and the next, as well as between products and the inner walls of your fridge. This labyrinth of air passages allows for efficient cooling, and reduces energy consumption associated with over-packed refrigerators.

With a little more room for cool air to pass, the risk for the development of warmer spots is greatly reduced (warm spots are more likely to see bacterial growth and resulting rot).

If you follow these tips on how to pack a commercial refrigerator, you will see an improvement in the quality and longevity of your produce, as well as in the performance of your commercial refrigerator. Contact Just Fridge to discuss your commercial refrigeration needs and we will get back to you in a flash.

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