Five Tips to Make your Fridge More Energy Efficient

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Well-maintained fridges use less energy

Refrigeration equipment uses the most energy of all appliances in a home or supermarket environment, as they’re constantly working to keep food or beverages preserved and fresh. If not checked regularly, fridges and freezers could cause your electricity consumption to soar! Just Refrigeration shares a few tips that’ll help make your refrigeration units more energy efficient, run at the perfect temperature, and last longer.

Fridge position

The area around a refrigeration unit needs to have sufficient airflow, so don’t position it too close to walls or cupboards. Allowing for a few inches will promote adequate air circulation. It’s important to note that any additional heat will cause the fridge or freezer to constantly work to reach its correct temperature setting, thus using more energy – to prevent this, avoid placing refrigeration units next to heat-producing units, like stoves or tumble dryers, or an area with direct sunlight.

Check the temperature

Did you know that the colder the temperature setting, the more energy your fridge uses? A setting of even 1°C too cold could cause your fridge to consume 5% more energy! For your fridge section, Just Fridge recommends a setting between 0 and 5°C and, for the freezer section, a temperature between -15°C and -18°C. Correct temperature settings can make such a difference when it comes to preserving fresh and frozen foods and will save you on your electricity bill!

Check fridge seals

Loose, cracked, or worn seals prevent the unit from sealing properly – wasting energy as cold air escapes. How do you know if the seals on your fridge or freezer need replacing? Typical signs include the fridge icing up, water leaks, doors not closing properly, and correct temperatures not being maintained.

Fill your fridge

Filling your fridge or freezer whilst allowing for adequate air circulation can also reduce its electricity consumption. A full freezer will maintain temperatures in instances of power cuts, and a full fridge, when opened, will prevent warm air from rushing inside. Warm air causes the condenser to kick in to remove heat. If you don’t have enough food to refrigerate or freeze, simply place a few bottles of water inside or top up the freezer with ice trays. Don’t believe us? See here…

Clean Coils

Cleaning the condenser coils with a vacuum or brush every few months helps get rid of dirt and dust, improving the appliance’s longevity, and saving on energy costs. Condenser coils with grimy build-up work overtime in order to release heat. This not only increases energy consumption, but it may even cause the compressor to stop cooling, or worse – stop working! Remember to unplug the fridge or freezer before cleaning the coils!

Energy saving standards and service

A regular check on your fridge, freezer, or supermarket refrigeration equipment will help you save on energy costs, prevent breakdowns, and costly repairs – contact us for further information. We have a dedicated spares, warranties, and servicing department and we manufacture our own line of eco-friendly remote cabinets, meat cases, fish cases, freezers, cold rooms, and more – all based on energy-saving standards!

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