The New Supermarket Refrigeration Glossary

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In our article titled the supermarket refrigeration glossary, we took a look at five must-have refrigeration solutions for any supermarket in South Africa. Since there are way more than five types commercial refrigerators, we thought we’d develop a follow-on article detailing the new supermarket refrigeration glossary! If it’s cool with you, here’s another five supermarket fridges your store really can’t do without:

supermarket fridge in blog postChicken Warmers

The first new supermarket refrigeration unit we’re looking at is the chicken warmer. Why is it called that? Well, with so many people purchasing whole cooked chickens these days – making dinner time an absolute breeze – supermarkets require refrigeration solutions that can keep cooked chickens warm.

Each individual shelf is heated, and features its own thermostat. Low-energy fans are added to evenly distribute the heat around the unit. All shelves are fully adjustable, and thermostats can be set independently for customisation.

Beverage Coolers

One thing supermarkets sell like crazy is cooldrinks. In order to keep cooldrinks cold and refreshing, beverage coolers are required. Owing to their popularity, beverage coolers come in a range of unique configurations to suite any supermarket – no matter the size or layout.

The two main types are swing door and sliding door beverage coolers. Sliding doors are ideally deployed in contexts where space is an issue, and both types of beverage coolers come in either one-door or two-door variations.

Upright Freezers

Upright freezers are used extensively to display frozen foods including ice-cream, frozen vegetables, and boxed frozen meats. These supermarket freezers feature self-closing doors for those who grab items and forget to close the freezer, as well as auto-defrost capabilities.

Like the above-mentioned beverage coolers, upright freezers come in one- and two-door options, both featuring LED lighting and our unique EMD equipped temperature control technology. This greatly reduces the energy requirements of the unit, and ensures a greener carbon footprint.

Wall Bins

Another supermarket refrigeration essential is the remote cabinet wall bin. A wall bin refrigerator is essentially an elongated chest freezer without a lid. These units are placed against a wall (hence the name) but can be placed back to back to form a long central island.

The sides of the unit are solid, with the front panel being glass, however glass sides are available as an optional extra. Another add-on to the wall bin is a night curtain, which rolls across the unit’s upper opening when not in use.

Barbados Fridges

For items requiring a constant temperature of between 3° and 5°C, such as cheese, yoghurt and various other dairy products – the Barbados remote cabinet is the solution. The downward cascading shelf layout makes for appealing aesthetical display of produce.

The Barbados supermarket refrigerator comes in 8-foot and 12-foot variants, and night curtains can be ordered as optional extras. LED canopy lights, combined with Just Refrigeration’s unique electricity-saving energy management system, allows for environment-conscious operation.

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