Non-Refrigerated and Refrigerated Display Cases

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Display cases are a supermarket’s bread-and-butter commercial refrigeration solutions. These are the spaces where foodstuffs of all varieties are displayed for customers to peruse. Some foods, like cold meats, require refrigerated display cases, while others, like pastries, require room temperature storage solutions. Just Fridge takes a brief look at the two types of supermarket display cases available – as well as where to get supermarket refrigeration units in South Africa.

non refrigerated and refrigerated display casesNon-Refrigerated Display Cases

Non-refrigerated, or ‘ambient’ display cases are supermarket presentation solutions used for the display of foods that require no refrigeration to keep them fresh. Examples of foods displayed in ambient display cases include baked goods, pastries and confectionaries. Non-refrigerated display cases, on average, are lighter than their refrigerated cousins – because of their lack of internal refrigeration components.

Refrigerated Display Cases

Refrigerated display cases, on the other hand, are used to display food stuffs that require temperature control to retain freshness. These units look exactly like their ambient versions, which means they can be placed side by side and still retain uniformity. Temperatures range from 6° to 10° Celsius, and can be set via onboard digital thermostat. Some refrigerated display cases feature both front and rear sliding glass panels, which makes cleaning them a breeze.

Supermarket Refrigeration in South Africa

Commercial refrigeration is a vital component in any supermarket, and the supermarket refrigeration you choose could have an impact on your bottom line in the years to come. Partner with a commercial refrigeration supplier that understands the industry – partner with Just Fridge. Want to learn more about our green refrigeration technology? Contact us by clicking right here!

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