Odour-Control Tips for Industrial Refrigerators

Posted by Jono

It’s not uncommon for industrial refrigerators to develop an unpleasant odour. Smells can develop naturally over time due to debris and spills, but bad smells often indicate that bacteria or mold has begun to grow in your refrigerator.

Just Fridge recommends 5 ways to keep your establishment’s fridges smelling fresh.5 Ways to Keep Your Fridge Smelling Clean & Fresh

Just Fridge wants your units to run and smell like new and with these handy tips for odour control, your fridges should smell fresh all the time. Although we are sure you try to minimise odours in your units as much as possible, there is still some essential maintenance work that can be carried out in order to control odour.

1. Deep Cleaning

A thorough clean-out and clean-up is inevitably the best way to ensure that your refrigerator is free from mould, spillages, and bacteria. Empty all the stock into another refrigerator or temperature-controlled area (if possible) and use warm soapy water to clean out your refrigerator effectively. While the unit is unplugged, leave the door open for a day or two to air it out. Spray disinfectant around hinges and locks and into any openings.

2. Spraying with Baking Soda & White Vinegar

Vinegar is an odour destabiliser and is great for cleaning appliances and removing unpleasant smells. After spraying this onto your empty unit, be sure
to wipe it off quickly and allow it to air-dry for a while with the door open.

3. Absorbing Odours with Charcoal

Many manufacturers recommend placing a bowl of charcoal briquettes inside your unit as a means of absorbing any lingering odours. They’re not just for getting the braai on. You can place trays of activated charcoal, clean kitty litter or baking soda on the shelves of the refrigerator or freezer too. Run the appliance empty for 2 or 3 days. Coffee grounds can also be used as a substitute, eliminating any pesky odours.

4. Disinfecting with Bleach

A 5% bleach solution can be used to wet the interior of the unit, clean it out with soap and water shortly after. The bleach effectively kills the bacteria, which may be responsible for any smells. You shouldn’t leave bleach in the unit too long, or it will produce metal spots on your refrigerator.

5. Carrying Out Interior Inspections

If a bad smell persists after cleaning the unit’s main storage area, then the internal coil may be to blame. An ongoing smell may indicate that a moist coil has begun growing mould. Unplug the unit and remove the cover for the coil, cleaning the interior carefully with soap and water while avoiding any electronics. Compressed air can also be used in certain circumstances for dispersing mould and other dust or debris.

Chat to Just Fridge about Your Fridge Maintenance Needs

Several commercial products are available for removal of refrigerator and freezer odours. These products may be purchased at hardware, grocery, and a variety of stores. Always check with your refrigerator technician if the odour persists. Contact us all your refrigeration needs and check back on our blog for more handy tips.

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