Our Eco-Friendly Refrigeration Solutions for Commercial Refrigerators

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The world over is moving towards environmentally sensitive technology as it becomes evident that climate change has very real, very tangible consequences on the human experience. As such, we at Just Refrigeration are proud to display our commitment to both cost effective and eco-friendly refrigeration solutions that will last your business a lifetime. We have made regular improvements to our lighting, gases, coils and fans over the years to ensure that they work to reduce the carbon footprint and perform better than ever.

The Eco-Friendly Features of Our Commercial Refrigerators

All of our commercial refrigerators are equipped with a plethora of new and improved technologies that work to lower their energy consumption whilst simultaneously increasing their output. We have equipped our commercial refrigerators with EMD technology, which replaces a conventional thermostat with an advanced electronic energy management system. This system not only enables quicker cooling, but also more consistent temperatures and energy saving capabilities.

Just Refrigeration units combine EMD control, ECM fans, electronic expansion valves and high-performance coils in order to reduce energy consumption. These features significantly improve the commercial refrigeration output of our appliances, thus are extremely beneficial to our clients.

These features are merely the tip of the iceberg, however, as Just Refrigeration brings even more to the table. Our units are equipped with a LED lighting, polyurethane insulation, and low emissivity glass which create a superior combination of eco-friendly refrigeration solutions that yield power savings around 40% lower than conventional refrigeration units!

Just Refrigeration’s Commercial Refrigeration Solutions

We offer an extensive range of commercial refrigerators, including – but not limited to – beverage coolers, upright cabinets, island freezers, deli displays and pie warms. You can peruse a full list of our products right here.

What Makes Just Refrigeration Different

With more than 20 years of experience in commercial refrigeration, we offer innovative products that uphold our excellent reputation with their reliability, even in harsh Sothern African climates. We are fully dedicated to producing eco-friendly refrigeration solutions that benefit not only their users, but the planet as a whole. If you should have any queries about our commercial refrigerators and how we can help you, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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20 years of quality

As we look forward to our 20th anniversary in 2017, we review the successes of the business and our road to becoming the most trusted company in our category.
Our innovative products and their reputation for reliability in harsh Southern African conditions are the cornerstone of our success. We thank all of our customers and our team of committed staff members for your unwavering support.


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Our vast customer base includes some of the most prestigious blue chip companies in South Africa, with a focus on leading beverage bottlers, top qualifying distributors and major corporates. These discerning buyers demand quality and JUST delivers!