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Most Supermarket owners will agree that the refrigeration of food products and beverages is one of the most important and costly aspects in a supermarket environment. The initial outlay of refrigerated equipment is expensive but, if quality equipment is purchased and maintained, the equipment will more than pay for itself in years to come.

Refrigeration in supermarkets is an absolute necessity and the use of quality refrigeration equipment ensures that food and beverage products are stored at optimum temperature and fresh produce will be available and in line with safety and hygiene standards. You will also have satisfied customers that will be more than happy to purchase food products from you again. Ideally you will want perishable goods such as meats, fish, vegetables, dairy etc. stored at the correct temperature. This prevents the spread of bacteria as well as revenue loss due to the spoiling of food products. Different equipment will be used for the storage of certain food products. Typical equipment in a supermarket will range from meat cases, deli cases, deli freezers, pie warmers, food warmers, baine maries, walk in coolers, and walk in freezers.

When purchasing refrigeration and food warming equipment ensure that the products are SABS approved and the supplier or manufacturer offers a warranty, can supply spares and has a good service department on hand. No supermarket owner can afford to have down time on refrigerated equipment hence purchasing equipment from a reliable and reputable source is a must. Choose a supplier that will be able to offer a complete line of refrigeration equipment for large or small scale needs.

In order for the refrigeration equipment to last and run optimally, it needs to be looked after with regular servicing.  Equipment should not only look good but be easy to clean and durable with adequate temperature regulation. Check your supermarket equipment regularly to ensure that there is no build- up of ice, worn door seals are replaced regularly and temperatures are correctly set.

Another point to consider is the energy efficiency of the product especially with the recent electricity crisis. Well maintained and regularly serviced equipment tends to utilize less electricity. Many reputable manufacturers have designed more cost effective lighting, fans, coils and compressors.  Gas emissions have also been improved with the carbon footprint in mind.

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