Refrigeration: Changing So the Climate Doesn’t Have To

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Refrigeration: Changing So the Climate Doesn’t Have To

A book published in 2017, called Drawdown: The Most Comprehensive Plan Ever Proposed to Reverse Global Warming (edited by Paul Hawken), lists refrigeration as the number 1 factor in reducing CO2 emissions between 2020 and 2050. It places the management of refrigerants above food waste reduction, reforestation, family planning and more than 20 other factors, as a key measure to reduce climate change.

 A Brief History

About 20 to 30 years ago, scientists first noted the potentially harmful effects that refrigerants can have on the earth. Gases used in refrigeration were pointed out as being particularly deleterious to the ozone layer. Almost immediately, fridge and freezer manufacturers started to search for ways to remedy the situation. Today, with climate change so much at the front of everyone’s minds, refrigerator design and construction – both commercial and domestic – have a come a long way towards eliminating these environmental risks. Not only are ozone friendly refrigerant gases now the industry standard, but other aspects of design and operation also take eco-friendly needs into consideration.

All About That Technology

Among the technologies we use in our commercial fridges and freezers are EMD Equipped™, Green Advantage™ and Low E cabinets™ . EMD™ is a space-age energy management system that replaces the traditional thermostat. It makes fridges cool quicker and maintains their temperature longer, reducing electricity consumption. EMD combines with high-quality coils and electronic expansion valves in Green Advantage™ systems to further reduce energy consumption. Low E cabinets feature better insulation than has even been used on fridges before, keeping the cold in and the warmth out more efficiently, to the extent that energy usage on these units is 40% lower than is found in conventional fridges.

The great news for the end user is that energy savings equal increased efficiency, as well as reduced carbon emissions.

If what Drawdown says is true and more energy-efficient refrigeration is the primary contributor to reducing climate change, then we can proudly say that, while we work to find new ways to keep your food cold, we are at the forefront of efforts to keep our planet cool too.

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