Refrigeration and the environment: What You Should Know

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Today’s refrigeration units aren’t manufactured like those in the past. Older fridges and freezers were extremely power-hungry and used harmful refrigerants – two good reasons to not hold on to that good ol’ fridge or freezer! Businesses and households should rather opt for refrigeration equipment that’s environmentally friendly. Here’s why…

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Say no to CFCs

CFCs (chlorofluorocarbons) were used as a coolant gas in refrigerators before scientific studies, such as the Montreal Protocol, revealed that this manufactured compound was one of many substances responsible for depleting our ozone layer – causing climate change. CFCs contain carbon, chlorine, and fluorine. When emitted into the environment, it breaks apart – releasing chlorine atoms that can last up to 100 years – destroying the ozone layer, absorbing heat, and sending it back to Earth’s surface. CFCs were hence banned from production in the US in December 1995 and developing nations followed suit, phasing out its use in 2010. The SABS (South African Bureau of Standards) provides strong guidelines covering the demands of the food and beverages industry and refrigeration manufacturers must comply with regulatory, safety, and reliability requirements.

Choose eco-friendly fridges

Holding onto grandma’s old fridge or an outdated supermarket refrigerator? This could actually end up costing you more in the long run! Your fridge or supermarket equipment runs 24 hours a day and if it’s not energy-efficient, you may face a frightening electricity bill.  Both households and industry have experienced ongoing increases in electricity costs and this looks set to continue. In fact, anyone running refrigeration equipment is going to be looking for ways to conserve their electricity usage. South Africa’s energy efficiency standards, based on European standards, prescribe a minimum energy performance of manufactured products in order to reduce harmful emissions and local energy demands. Thanks to new and improved lighting and coils in today’s fridges, newer models run far more efficiently and consume less energy compared to those manufactured 30-40 years ago!

The Green Advantage

Just Refrigeration designs, develops, manufactures, and markets commercial refrigeration equipment. Some of our products include beverage coolers, fridges, cold rooms, and remote refrigeration cabinets which carry the SABS mark of approval. We are committed to designing equipment that runs more efficiently – saving our clients money and reducing their carbon footprint. Contact one of our branches today for your commercial refrigeration needs.

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