Image shown is a self-contained deli freezer

remote cabinet

Available in Square Glass

In store remote deli freezer

> Running temperature: -18°C/-20°C
> Ambient Conditions: 25°C – 60% R.H
> Front sliding glass for easy cleaning
> Aesthetically pleasing aluminium sections used.
> Rear sliding glass
> Adjustable feet for levelling cabinet
> Chromadek exterior finish
> Chromadek interior finish in white
> Stainless steel work top for extra durability
> Polyurethane foam injected
> Temperature Controller

> Optional colour coded base and bumper rail insert
> Angled freezer bins

-18° to -20°C

SABS Approved stamps with south African flag
Length mm 1220 1830 2440 3660
Width mm 1040 1040 1040 1040
Height mm Front Glass : 670  Total Height : 1220 Front Glass : 670  Total Height : 1220 Front Glass : 670  Total Height : 1220 Front Glass : 670  Total Height : 1220
Thickness of end mm 40 40 40 40
Gross Volume 0.67 1.05 1.34 2.02
Total Display area 1.02 1.54 2.05 3.08
Evaporator fans nr.x watt 1 x 10 1 x 10 2 x 10 3 x 10
Cabinet Temperature ˚C -18˚C to -20˚C -18˚C to -20˚C -18˚C to -20˚C -18˚C to -20˚C
Refrigeration Capacity(-35˚C) watts 560 1340 1120 1680
Rating Power watts 1610 1840 2300 2760

emd equipped™

Breakthrough technology replaces a conventional thermostat with an advanced electronic energy management system to cool quicker and maintain a more consistent temperature, while saving precious electricity.

green advantage™

By combining EMD control with ECM fans, electronic expansion valves and high-performance coils, we are able to further reduce energy consumption while improving cooling performance.

swift swop™

Our innovative swift swop™ technology enables easy replacement of the refrigeration deck without unpacking the contents of the fridge and without any skilled labour.

low e cabinet™

A superior combination of LED lighting, polyurethane insulation and low emissivity glass yields power savings around 40% lower than conventional refrigeration units.

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