Remote Refrigeration Cabinets

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At Just Refrigeration we design, develop as well and manufacture an extensive range of quality remote refrigeration cabinets. Many of our clients have a need for units that are not self-contained as there are some environments where a remote unit is more suitable such as large or medium kitchens or supermarkets.

You may have an environment that is not well ventilated and can become hot and humid if the equipment includes compressors and condensers. In our remote cabinets, these parts are not fitted in the cabinet, but can conveniently be located outside your building or in another separate room.

In essence, you will have a refrigerated insulated cabinet for cold foods that has an evaporator and duct but the condenser and compressor will be in a totally separate unit. The two units are connected by piping to deliver the coolant.

Stores that have limited space or even low ceilings may find remote Cabinets ideal as standard self-contained units may not have enough air to run and keep food at optimal temperatures. Another advantage of these remote units is that there is less noise pollution or condensation heat ensuring a more pleasant environment for your customers. With fewer operational parts in the cabinet, there is also more room for your food storage needs.

Just Refrigeration has many different models, specifications, and sizes of remote cabinets to choose from. Some of these models include upright glass fridges or islands for the effective storage and display of fresh meat, dairy, food, and drinks. Our products are manufactured to the highest possible standards for top performance and energy saving.

If you are unsure of whether a remote or self-contained unit would suit your needs, feel free to contact Just Refrigeration for a remote cabinet solution.

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