Supermarket Refrigeration- Choosing Cost Effective Equipment

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The Supermarket Industry is transforming with a demand for supermarket equipment that is more cost-effective, energy-efficient, and eco-friendly. When it comes to choosing cooling or heating equipment for a supermarket environment it’s important to consider the above 3 factors. Industries and households have experienced increases in the cost of electricity. With Eskom applying to NERSA for a further increase in tariffs, cities throughout South Africa could face a 16% additional increase in the very near future. The process of refrigeration for cold rooms, island freezers, meat cases, and food warmers requires excessive energy to run optimally.  Any business that runs cooling or heating equipment is going to be looking at ways to conserve their electricity usage.

Supermarket owners can opt for eco-friendly refrigeration equipment as well as spares. Just Fridge is passionate about designing, developing, and manufacturing refrigeration products that are more eco-friendly and we have made further improvements with our cooling and heating equipment as well as spares such as lighting, gases, coils, and fans. We strive to help our customers save money on energy related costs whilst helping to reduce their carbon footprint.

Our latest refrigeration equipment requires less energy to run efficiently, is SABS-approved, and does not emit harmful CFCs or HFCs. It’s important to note that for refrigeration equipment to continue to run efficiently and use less energy it needs to be regularly checked and serviced. Regular service and maintenance prevent condensers from overheating and help equipment last and run optimally.

Our Supermarket Range is available in remote or self-contained units. We have a dedicated spares/servicing department and are confident that we can assist you with a cost-effective solution to your supermarket refrigeration needs. Feel free to contact us today.

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