Swing Doors or Sliding Doors for My Business?

Posted by Jono

Choosing swing doors or sliding doors for your commercial refrigeration application may seem like a secondary decision in terms of importance, but the choice can greatly affect the usability and longevity of your appliances. This blog details some of the advantages or swing doors or sliding doors on your refrigerator, and how Just Refrigeration can help you out…

Swing Doors for Commercial Refrigeration

A refrigerator that is frequently opened and closed due to a lot of hand or truck traffic will require a lot of environmental control, which makes swing doors perfect for this application. Swing doors are suitable for interior and exterior use and can often be customised to better suit the business’s needs. Available in single- or double-leafed format, swing doors can vary in size to complement your existing commercial refrigeration setup. The ease of installation and generally lower price of a swing door refrigerator is highly advantageous when it comes to picking your commercial refrigeration solutions.

Sliding Doors for Commercial Refrigeration

Strong and durable sliding doors are also great for commercial refrigerators that are used frequently. This type of refrigerator can be equipped with manual or motor-operated doors in a single or double door format. Sliding doors that aren’t designed with heavy-duty framework and track systems are not likely to live as long as their high-quality counterparts, such as those stocked by Just Refrigeration.

A refrigerator with sliding doors rids your setup of ‘dead zones’ where floor space is left unoccupied purely to open a set of swing doors. This makes sliding doors attractive for confined spaces and corridors! Furthermore, the weight of the door itself will automatically seal the door when closed, as the design of the rail and the pressure roller work together to maintain a cold environment, sealed off from the elements.

The Just Refrigeration Difference

Just Refrigeration offer a wide range of commercial refrigeration products, from island freezers to deli displays to self-contained under-bar units. Our production facilities have been approved by the SABS and our products carry their mark of approval, ensuring our valued clients that their refrigerator will stand up to its expectations.

We have cut the cost of complexity to offer uncluttered, compact refrigeration solutions as well as push innovation and the delivery of high-quality products to our clients.

Our full catalogue of refrigerators equipped with swing doors or sliding doors is available for your perusal so that you can pick the refrigerator that suits your needs. Chat to us if you have any questions or need some more advice or whether swing doors or sliding doors are right for you!

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