The Importance of Thermal Calibration for Your Commercial Fridge.
Thermal Calibration for Your Commercial Fridge

The Importance of Thermal Calibration for Your Commercial Fridge When it comes to commercial refrigeration, thermometers are your first line of defence in making sure they are functioning properly and holding its proper temperature….

Just Fridge recommends 5 ways to keep your establishment’s fridges smelling fresh.
Odour-Control Tips for Industrial Refrigerators

It’s not uncommon for industrial refrigerators to develop an unpleasant odour. Smells can develop naturally over time due to debris and spills, but bad smells often indicate that bacteria or mold has begun…

Load-shedding can be a risky time for businesses
4 Tips for Managing Risk During Load Shedding

Keeping your food cold without power can be difficult, particularly when don’t have time to prepare in advance for an emergency. As it happens, an emergency is the least likely cause of power…

Factories Releasing Pollution
Climate Change: What You Need to Know in 2019

Climate change is a very real, very serious challenge facing the human population – and damaging the non-human populations – as we speak. Corporations and industrial bodies globally have produced so much greenhouse…

Woman Holding Basket of Produce
How to Make Your Supermarket Eco-Friendly

Do you own or work in a branch of supermarkets, and want to do your bit towards eco-friendly commercialism? Lucky for you, there are a number of changes you can make to your…

Iceberg in Arctic Landscape
The Next Step in Eco-Friendly Refrigeration

In the past, refrigeration on a domestic and commercial scale became a major cause for concern with regards to greenhouse gases and harmful effects to the environment. With the elimination of CFCs, the…

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Help Your Commercial Refrigerator this Summer

The days are getting hotter and refrigeration systems need to work harder to stay cool. Refrigerators and cold rooms consume a lot of energy, but if you adopt these helpful tips your fridges…

Dairy Products in Commercial Refrigerator
Commercial Refrigerator Mistakes You’re Making

Commercial refrigerators are an important asset in industry, and can make or break your business depending on how they are maintained. To help you take the best possible care of your commercial fridges,…

How to Pack a Commercial Refrigerator: Best Practices

When it comes to effective commercial refrigeration, it is wise to organise your fridges in line with existing industry best practices. By organising your commercial refrigerator according to our guidelines below, you can…

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As we look forward to our 20th anniversary in 2017, we review the successes of the business and our road to becoming the most trusted company in our category.
Our innovative products and their reputation for reliability in harsh Southern African conditions are the cornerstone of our success. We thank all of our customers and our team of committed staff members for your unwavering support.


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