The Benefits of Polyurethane Insulation in Commercial Refrigeration

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At Just Refrigeration, we make use of high-quality materials to manufacture and fortify our refrigeration solutions in order to deliver products that are effective, efficient and cost-effective, too. To do so, we use polyurethane insulation in our commercial refrigerators to capitalise on the many benefits of the substance. It is one of the world’s most widely used insulating materials, and not for nothing; we will illustrate the many benefits of polyurethane insulation in commercial refrigeration in the blog below.

The Importance of Polyurethane Insulation in the Refrigeration Industry

After the discovery of CFC’s and their detrimental effect on the ozone layer, the refrigeration industry took a huge blow and went scrambling for alternative, eco-friendly solutions to bring into mass production. The advent of polyurethane insulation subsequently allowed sustainable and eco-friendly refrigeration solutions to be brought to the commercial market. Polyurethane allows food and perishable goods to be kept at low temperatures throughout the processing, storage and distribution processes. Without polyurethane insulation, approximately half of the world’s food would rot!

Decreased Energy Consumption with Polyurethane Insulation

Polyurethane is an unbelievable insulating material, and has been altered over the years to be more environmentally friendly. Polyurethane has low thermal conductivity, meaning it does not transfer heat from one surface to another effectively. This makes the perfect barrier between the outside world and your perishable products!

Furthermore, polyurethane insulation is highly energy efficient. By maintaining cold temperatures within commercial refrigerators, polyurethane insulation reduces the amount of energy each refrigerator expends keeping its contents cold. With refrigerators consuming roughly 30% of household electricity, an energy efficient commercial refrigerator makes all the difference.

Benefits of Polyurethane Insulation at a Glance

We have highlighted some more benefits of polyurethane insulation below:

  • Robust and strong material
  • Effective in confined spaces
  • Affordable for insulation
  • Lightweight material
  • Adhesive to plastic and metal
  • High thermal resistance
  • Effective as air sealant
  • Fire resistant

To capitalise on the benefits of polyurethane insulation, we recommend selecting your commercial refrigerators from our catalogue. Just Refrigeration makes use of high quality materials to deliver effective, energy efficient and long-lasting commercial refrigeration solutions. Contact us to discuss your commercial refrigeration requirements and how we can meet your needs, today.

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