The Four Hallmarks of the Best Commercial Refrigerators

Posted by Jono

Features of the Best Commercial RefrigeratorsWhat makes a fridge great? Surely there’s not much to it, is there? As long as a fridge consistently keeps food cold, it’s everything it needs to be, right?
Wrong. That may have been the case 20 to 40 years ago but today is a different story. Keeping food cold is a bare minimum for a refrigerator – it’s a given. To stand out above the many products on offer, today’s commercial refrigerators need to provide much more than that. Today’s supermarket or restaurant operator is more environmentally conscious and is looking to get maximum efficiency with reduced energy costs. This is why Just Refrigeration has four crucial standards against which we measure each and every refrigeration product we supply and install. These are the four basic features of the best commercial refrigerators…

Efficient Energy Management

Commercial refrigerators have been known to be costly in terms of energy usage. This is no longer the case – or at least, it doesn’t need to be. Old-fashioned thermostats have given way to advanced electronic energy management systems that ensure much quicker cooling and the steady, precise maintenance of temperature. Our refrigerators are equipped with Energy Management Devices (EMD™), which do exactly that: lower energy usage, cool more quickly and keep temperature steady.

Kindness to the Environment

Commercial refrigerators used to have a very bad reputation. Old systems were found to be among the worst culprits when it came to carbon emissions. One could imagine the ozone layer screaming every time someone opened the fridge. This too is a thing of the past. Our refrigerators are built to a standard that we call Green Advantage™ – an intricate design approach that makes use of EMDs, ECM fans and high-performance coils to construct a system that matches powerful performance with low energy consumption.

Ease and Convenience

Commercial refrigerators are bulky and heavy, especially when they’re loaded with your precious, perishable stock. If you need to replace your refrigeration deck for whatever reason, you can do without the hassle of unpacking all your stock, finding an alternative storage space and perhaps even shutting down operations for the hours it takes to make the replacement. With this in mind, we created the Swift Swop™ system. This enables you to replace the refrigeration deck without any unpacking and without the need for any skilled labour. That all amounts to money and time saved.

Lower Costs

Speaking of saving money, commercial refrigerators need to translate energy savings into reduced costs. Our Low E™ cabinets do just that. Combine polyurethane insulation with low emissivity glass and LED lighting, and you have a commercial refrigerator that uses 40% less power than its conventional counterparts.

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