The Impact of Commercial Fridges on Food Waste Reduction: A Sustainable Approach

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Reducing food waste is the exact purpose for which commercial fridges were designed. This means that they have an important role to play, not only in your business, but in the global environment too. Tons of food are wasted around the globe every year. This is disastrous, both for food security and the environment. Just Refrigeration explains the role that commercial fridges and freezers play in preventing food waste.

Just Refrigeration discus The Impact of Commercial Fridges on Food Waste Reduction

How Fridges and Freezers Prevent Waste

Most foods spoil quite rapidly. The limited shelf life of food means that it must either be used quickly or stored in a way that will preserve it for postponed use. This where commercial fridges and freezers come in. The key to preserving food is keeping it at the right temperature, consistently, over an extended period. There is no other way to do this except through the use of well-designed and built fridges and freezers that are both powerful and energy efficient. These fridges reduce the environmental impact of food services and retail businesses in two ways: firstly they keep food fresh and prevent waste, and secondly, they operate in a way that reduces energy usage and lowers the business’s carbon footprint.

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The Keys To Preventing Food Waste Through Good Refrigeration

The most important factor that contributes to good, energy-saving, waste-reducing refrigeration is the maintenance of optimal temperatures and humidity levels. The ideal temperature for a fridge is about 1-3°C. Although everyone always talks about temperature when it comes to fridges, most people tend to forget that humidity is almost as important. Fridges should maintain a humidity level of about 90-95%. Freezers should be kept at -18°C or lower. The most important thing that you can do then, as the owner of commercial fridges is that they can reach and maintain the desired temperature and humidity. It is the responsibility of fridge manufacturers and technicians to make this goal easy to achieve.

Cooling technology is constantly being advanced and refined, leading to refrigerators that are increasingly more efficient and friendly to the environment. Just Refrigeration has developed cutting edge cooling technology that ensures constant temperatures, reduces electricity bills, saves food and money, and is also easy to operate and maintain.

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