The Next Step in Eco-Friendly Refrigeration

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In the past, refrigeration on a domestic and commercial scale became a major cause for concern with regards to greenhouse gases and harmful effects to the environment. With the elimination of CFCs, the industry settled into a less precarious position, however, as it continues to grow globally, we need to look at the next steps in eco-friendly refrigeration to ensure a sustainable and prosperous outcome for all. Take a look at some of the trending topics in commercial refrigeration below…

Iceberg in Arctic LandscapeEvolution of Refrigerants

Since the elimination of harmful CFCs from the refrigeration industry, two refrigeration systems have become popular: Ammonia systems and Carbon Dioxide systems. Ammonia gained popularity due to its three distinct advantages, such as its natural occurrence, its extreme thermodynamic capabilities and its minimum heat transfer requirement.

It is expected that Carbon Dioxide systems will experience exponential growth in the coming years, due to its ready availability and cost efficiency. With Carbon Dioxide, manufacturers can reduce the initial outlay of costs for their final products and increase the operational efficiency of the system as well.

With the efficiency of Carbon Dioxide and Ammonia refrigeration systems, the amount of energy saved by the end user will translate directly into reduced operating costs.

Compressor Focus

Much emphasis is being placed on the design of the compressor in newer commercial refrigeration solutions, as the compressor not only bears the biggest cost, but can cause the greatest effect with regards to refrigeration efficiency and effectiveness.

Current trends see manufacturers reducing the production cost of their compressors and improving their operational efficiency for the benefit of the end user and the environment.

Strategies for Sustainability

The European Commission is one of many bodies looking to improve commercial refrigeration strategies in 2019 to support a growing market and dwindling natural resources. Strategies include boosting the energy efficiency of buildings to improve heat or cooling containment, as well increasing the use of renewable energies and encouraging reuse of wasted heat and cold.

The refrigeration industry as a whole could reduce its energy consumption by around 5% in 2030, and around 8% by 2050, just by implementing readily available commercial solutions, according to RAC Plus.

How to Improve Your Commercial Refrigeration Sustainability

The first step you can take is to analyse your existing commercial refrigeration solutions. Older units should be replaced with newer, eco-friendly models that offer increased efficiency and effectiveness, benefiting you and the environment.

Next up is the scheduling of regular preventative maintenance, to keep your commercial refrigeration solutions in optimum condition. Faulty gaskets, improper compressors and leaky pipes lead to inefficiency, increased energy cost and production of harmful gases.


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