Thermal Calibration for Your Commercial Fridge

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The Importance of Thermal Calibration for Your Commercial Fridge

When it comes to commercial refrigeration, thermometers are your first line of defence in making sure they are functioning properly and holding its proper temperature. You can help to avoid food spoilage and excessive food waste by making sure your thermometer is calibrated correctly. Proper temperature also helps decrease the chances of food-borne illnesses. In this blog post, Just Fridge covers the importance of thermal calibration for your commercial fridge.

What You Need to Know About Commercial Fridge Thermal Calibration

Your commercial refrigerator thermometer is a useful tool for checking the temperature inside the fridge. It is very important to know the exact temperature inside the refrigerator because this allows people to know whether the temperature is ideal for food or not. The ideal temperature for cooling food inside the fridge is 2-3 degrees Celsius. Any higher than 4 degrees and the food will spoil easily, likewise, if it’s lower than -1 degrees, the food may burn from freezing. The refrigerator thermometer also allows owners to check whether the thermostat needs to be adjusted. However, the refrigerator thermometer requires proper calibration in order to give an accurate reading.

Understanding the Basics

The first step to understanding how refrigeration thermostats (aka cold controls) work is to understand a counter-intuitive fact about refrigeration physics: Cooling is achieved by sensing and removing warm air, not by adding cool air. In other words, a thermometer measures how much heat is present. If the heat reaches a certain level, the refrigeration mechanism kicks in, and the refrigerant starts its trip through a maze of intestine-like coils, removing the warm air.

Thermostats Often Misbehave

Thermostats are typically found inside the refrigerator and have a knob that allows users to adjust the temperature setting. Once a user sets the desired temperature, the thermostat maintains that temperature by controlling the flow of electricity to the compressor. If the thermostat is the brain, the compressor is the heart of the operation, responsible for pumping the refrigerant through the coils.

When the air inside the refrigerator is at the desired temperature, the thermostat stops the flow of electricity to the compressor. When the thermostat senses too much heat, it allows electricity to flow, activating the compressor.

Regular Maintenance & Calibration is Essential

There is no strict regulation on how often you should calibrate your thermometer but we recommend setting a regular calibration schedule depending on how often your thermometer experiences large temperature changes. These changes may happen when your cooler gets an extensive cleaning or after a repair to your cooler is complete. If your cooler stores food items it is best to calibrate your thermometer quarterly, especially before any type of health inspections.

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How Refrigeration Thermostats/Cold Controls Work

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