These 5 Interesting Commercial Refrigeration Facts Will Keep You Cool

Posted by Jono

Proper maintenance and cleaning of your commercial refrigeration units can extend the life of even the best range. These interesting refrigeration facts may help you take better care of your units, and even save energy, and therefore money, having an overall positive impact on your business.

1: A Seemingly Ineffective Unit

One of the most common reasons behind seemingly ineffective refrigeration units is a simple one. Not properly closing the unit, dirty gaskets (door seals) or broken gaskets all directly impact your refrigeration systems effectivity and power consumption. If staff or customers don’t close the units properly, the refrigerator works harder to replace the escaping air, using more energy and putting more stress on the appliance.

2: Climate Change and Refrigeration

In the 1990s, it was discovered that traditional refrigerants, such as chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), were massively contributing to climate change and ozone depletion. The industry underwent a huge revamp, moving towards natural refrigerants such as ammonia, so as to reduce the carbon footprint of their products. Fun fact: Just Refrigeration’s products save approximately 40% more power than conventional refrigeration units.

<h2>3: Ice Trade – the original commercial refrigeration salesmen?</h2>

Frederic Tudor started the trade in 1806, involving the harvesting, transport and sale or naturally formed ice for domestic and commercial uses. The growth of this trade allowed for industries such as meat prepping and packing, fruit and vegetables, and fishing to totally boom throughout the mid-1800s and onward.

4: LED Lights

Did you know that commercial refrigeration units with LED lights use significantly less energy than other types of bulbs? In an effort to be more energy conscious, businesses have been installing refrigeration systems with LED and even motion-activated lights to reduce their power consumption. Just Refrigeration offers a wide range of LED-lit commercial refrigeration units for your convenience and conscience!

5: Too Little Space

Leaving too little space behind your refrigerator can cause it to overwork and consume more power! Your commercial refrigeration unit’s manual will usually stipulate the recommended ventilation space, and it is best to follow this closely. If you don’t have access to your manual anymore, 2 inches is a generally suitable ventilation space to leave behind your units. Remember, your manual’s recommendation is best.

From revolutionising agricultural activities to affecting global climate change, refrigeration has advanced unbelievably over the years. Just Refrigeration has always strived to be environmentally conscious, and innovative, in order to maintain a high standard in all that we do. Let’s create history by working together to revolutionise refrigeration! Contact us today, for all your industrial and commercial refrigeration needs.

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