Tips for Cleaning Your Commercial Refrigeration Units

Posted by Jono

Your establishment’s commercial refrigeration is a business investment – and should be looked after like any other investment. While you can afford to have your home fridge cleaned once every few months or so, commercial refrigeration units require regular cleaning (especially if they contain sellable food products for retail purposes). Below we provide information on when to clean your commercial refrigeration units, how you should go about doing so, and what to do when mildew and mould start to form within your commercial fridges…

When to Clean Your Commercial Refrigeration Units

As far as keeping your commercial refrigeration in top hygienic condition is concerned, regularity is key! Aim to clean your refrigeration units once a week and schedule it into a staff member’s weekly duties so it becomes a habit. When food spillage occurs within the commercial refrigeration unit, try to clean the interior immediately. Aim to dust off your refrigeration units once a week, both on the flat top and side panels, as well as the rear which is often overlooked when cleaning refrigeration units. While cleaning your commercial refrigeration units once a week might seem like a drag, it could increase the life expectancy of your refrigeration units considerably.

How to Clean Your Commercial Fridges

We’ve covered the when, but what about the how? Cleaning your commercial refrigeration should be done in four steps:
Step 1: Start by unplugging the refrigeration unit, then unpack the entire contents into another freezer or refrigerator to prevent produce warming.
Step 2: Using a general-purpose cleaner and a non-abrasive cleaning cloth; wipe the entire inside and outside of the unit thoroughly. Rinse the cleaning cloth with water and wipe down again.
Step 3: Use a surface disinfectant spray to cover the entire inside and outside of the refrigeration unit. Wipe away with a dry, non-abrasive cloth.
Step 4: Once the refrigeration is dry, replace the unpacked produce – carefully checking each product for leaks. As a final cleaning step, take a vacuum cleaner to the rear air vents to remove any dust build-up.

What About Mildew and Mould?

When it comes to things you really don’t want happening in your commercial refrigeration units, mould and mildew build-up should be pretty high on the list. Once mould and mildew begin to form within your fridges, you’ll have a rather difficult time getting rid of it! Should you find that mould is becoming a common occurrence in your refrigeration units, consider taking mould and mildew prevention measures every time you clean your units. Either use a trusted mildew-targeting cleaning product, or make your own mould and mildew-busting concoction. Simply mix one cup of white wine vinegar with two cups of water, wipe onto the mouldy surface and leave for a few minutes before wiping away with a clean cloth soaked in warm water.

Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance

The key to ensuring the longevity of your commercial refrigeration units is to ensure that proper check-ups and maintenance are performed regularly – preferably by the company that sold you the refrigeration units in the first place. At Just Refrigeration, we have a dedicated maintenance department that deals with spares, warranties and servicing of all the commercial refrigeration solutions we supply. Get in touch with one of our Just Refrigeration branches to arrange professional commercial refrigeration maintenance today!

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