Types of Commercial Refrigerators and What They Do

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Food Items in Commercial RefrigeratorOur commercial refrigerators come in an array of shapes and sizes to suit all manner of applications in the restaurant, supermarket and many other industries. Your perishable goods require a commercial refrigerator that is tailored to their specific molecular structures and usage patterns to ensure longevity of the produce and of the refrigerator itself.

Curved and Square Glass Supermarket Fridges

Curved and square glass supermarket fridges are available for a number of applications, both cooling and warming. Typically, these commercial refrigerators are found in the deli section of a supermarket, keeping ready-made meals warm and cold meats and cheeses cool for customers. From pastry cabinets to pie warmers, we have all the curved and square supermarket fridges you could dream of at Just Fridge.

Upright Commercial Refrigerators and Freezers

These upright commercial refrigerators and freezers are typically used for storing beverages for sale in supermarkets, but can be used to create an easy-access refrigeration solution in a commercial kitchen. Available in various sizes, our upright commercial refrigerators are bound to be right for your business.

Glass doors on upright refrigerators allow customers or staff to see the contents of the fridge before opening the door, which is helpful in both cases. Employees can look for the ingredient or item they want before opening the door and draining power.

Sliding doors are great for locations where space is limited, as they slide away conveniently. Our sliding door fridges sport self-closing doors to help save your electricity! Our swing door refrigerators are perfect for locations with a little more space, and the same benefit of the clear glass door is present.

Our upright freezers allow for minimum real estate, maximum visualisation with their smaller floor area and glass doors. You can take a look at the specs of our commercial freezers, right here

Underbar Commercial Refrigerators

Underbar commercial refrigerators are great for saving space in the commercial kitchen or creating multipurpose refrigeration solutions. Our polar top underbar fridge is crafted from stainless steel and given a satin finish for best aesthetics. Its self-closing doors and adjustable thermostat allow you to customise and preserve your refrigeration solutions.

Our pizza top fridges come in two forms: the glass door pizza top and stainless steel door pizza top. The glass door fridge allows staff to look into the fridge before opening, though the stainless steel door is easier to clean. Both fridges are fully equipped to meet the demands of even the busiest commercial kitchen. Their robust design and energy efficient elements make them long-lasting and most effective.

You can contact Just Fridge for all your commercial refrigeration needs and we will match you with a refrigeration that suits your application, industry and budget.


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