Understanding Your Beverage Refrigeration Options

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So you need to buy beverage fridges for your restaurant, store or hotel? Well, as you can see, we’ve got you covered. However, you may be a little confused by the many options at your disposal. It’s true that there are numerous brands, shapes and sizes on offer and it can be overwhelming to decide how to invest your capital in these vital pieces of equipment.


Commercial Beverage Fridge Options to Consider

Don’t worry though, once you’ve pinned down your needs, it becomes very apparent which fridges are right for you. Take the point in this blog post into account and you should have no problem understanding your beverage refrigeration options.

Where are You Putting It?

This is the first question you need to ask. What kind of a facility are you equipping? A kitchen? A supermarket? If it’s a bar, do you want it behind or underneath the counter? Once you’ve answered these questions, you know what size fridge you need. For bar fridges, the space you have will obviously be dictated by the positioning you choose. To go under the bar, you would want a smaller model such as under specialised underbar models. To go behind the bar, you could opt for this as well, or perhaps you want  something taller, more prominently displayed and with space for branding. Larger models will also be desirable for the supermarket aisle.

Your positioning will also determine whether you want something with a sliding or swinging door. Sliding doors are always a better option when there is limited passage space, so servers and/or customers don’t have to squeeze past any open doors.

What do You Want to Put in it – & How Much?

The next consideration is the volume. How many beverages do you want to store and in what kind of container? Fridges for two-litre bottles would naturally have fewer shelves, set further apart, then one that you need only for 330ml cans. Also, consider how much stock you’re planning to store. Our range includes a variety of storage volumes from 357 litres (Case Packout: 420 x 330ml Cans / 210 x 500 PET) to 927 litres (1080 x 330ml Cans / 540 x 500 PET), and a variety in between.


What about the Technical & Environmental Stuff?

These factors are fairly standard across our range, regardless of the size or shape fridge you choose. Naturally, voltage and temperature range will differ from one model to another, but all our fridges equipped with our EMD advanced energy management, replacing the traditional thermostat, as well as our Green Advantage system and Low E cabinets. All of this makes for efficient refrigeration with a low impact on the environment and low energy costs.

Contacts Just Fridge with Your Beverage Cooler Questions

Do you still have concerns or burning questions about your refrigeration needs? Contact us today, we’d love to assist.

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